Parents thank you for you patience with this. Riders thank you with your patience.


I know and appreciate that everyone’s time is very valuable. You want to see you kids after school and practice. You want to have dinner and they need to do home work. You might even want time to just enjoy each other.


I understand and would like to do better about being properly on time.


On my ride today I have 23 minutes at the bottom of A Mountain to get my kids up and back. I went for it and then I flatted. However I had a second coach with me for the three kids that were on my ride, so I hope they made it back on time. Often times I am so eager to get kids the perfect workout that I put that workout before them getting back with more time.


I am writing to say that I want to better about this. So let it be stated, I and the team will work harder to ensure we are back on time.


Thanks again for all the patience, understanding and support

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