Prescott: Here we come.


Arrive at clubhouse at 8:30 am.


Leaving on Saturday morning at 9am. Remember to eat a good breakfast.


Bring a quality lunch with you for in the car. This will be similar to last race, when we ate in the car and were able to quickly change and then ride upon arrival.


Ignacio will already be in Prescott. I will be going up to build camp and to make sure we have enough space and good, hopefully quite space.


Water is available on site at the race, but not that easy to access, not like last race, so it is just something I want us all to be aware of.


Weather is high in the low 80’s and lows in the high 50’s.


The venue is exposed so be mindful of covering up, have a sun hat, and sun screen.


The hope is that all you have to do is pack your bike and personal bag this time. Your sleeping bag and mat are still in the trailer.


I made van assignments for this trip, as per guidance from coaches and parents, and I tried to help the riders by giving them an hour by hour breakdown of what they should be doing to help keep them on track.


Drivers are going to be: Chuck, Richard, Ali and I believe Shannon.


As always information for the series can be found here:





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  1. Joel A Biederman

    Will there be a van returning early Sunday with Middle Schoolers?