This is now the real meat of the season. In the next 5 weeks, or 35 days,  we have 3 races.


I sure hope everyone is excited. We are most certainly where we need to be training wise, now we just need the mental and emotional commitment to follow through.


I can’t stress the little things enough this time of year. Parents help us get everyone to bed on time, feed them as well as you always do, and make sure they are hydrated. Those are really the most important little things that you can help out with.


This next race is in Sierra Vista, which means it should be easier for more of you to come watch. The race also needs volunteers and we are considered a home team for this race. So if anyone of you have the time and energy to volunteer at the race, that would be a great way to support the league. All information can be found here:


In fact all information for the race can be found there.


Also with in that link is the pass that you need to get on to the military base. You must print out the pass to get on the base.


I, Ignacio, will again be driving and arriving to the race course early. Camping is again first come, first served, so I will work hard to get us a good spot.




This will have us arriving at the course at roughly the same time as in races past. So please youth bring you lunch or have eaten well before you arrive.


 Training Plan


I feel confident that we have the fitness. We need now to be prepared for the race, and we need to be ready to shred. So just like for the last two races, we put in the work on the off race week and now we rest and hone our skills for the race to come. I am hopeful that the rain will subside by late tomorrow, but I will be sure to post if we are not going to ride. So the assumption is we are going to ride, until further notice.


Tuesday— MTB low level endurance ride on trail– be mindful of the work load


Wednesday— MTB low level endurance ride — be mindful of the work load


Thursday— Classic Pre race hole shots and openers


Saturday— Leaving at 11:30 am so arrive at clubhouse at 11 am.


Sunday— We should be back by 4:30- 6 pm.




7 Responses to “3 more races in the next 35 days”

  1. Patty Cooper

    We will not be making the academic check in tonight, hunger took over. Will be there on Wednesday.

  2. Sam Bevier

    I will not be going to practice this week. I am touring universities with my school. I will be back Saturday.

  3. Caleb

    I can’t come to practice tomorrow because it’s my dads birthday.

  4. Estevan

    I have a academic check in at 3:30 day that in will be missing because I’m at home will a fever

  5. Jesus

    I have been sick since Sunday, I feel better now I’ll ride on Thursday