This weekend is it. The last NICA race of the year. We all have something to race for. We all should be dreaming about finishing with flare.


I hope you all had a fun weekend at the FONDO. I was given a ton of positive feed back from participants, and so I thank you for your kindness and efforts put forward. It is this kindness that endears the greater public to you and the club and thus allows us to do what we do. Thank you for showing Tucson how amazing El Grupo and youth truly are.


I want you all to have an amazing last race of the season. I want you  all to race with the legs and confidence of your very best. To do this we need to be rested and hungry to race. The only mistake we can make right now is to search for fitness and to wear ourselves out.


So please this week, THE LITTLE THINGS!! Wash your hands more, drink more water, eat really well, get your homework done on time so you can go to bed early.


For the first time in team history I am going to cancel practice on Halloween. You all deserve to enjoy the day. However please be smart. Do not wear yourself out, do not stay out too late, don’t eat a bunch of junk. Please be mindful that the last race of the year will be 4 days away.


Practice Plan


Tuesday– Endurance MTB ride with an effort


Wednesday– No Practice


Thursday– Classic Hole shot openers


Saturday– Driving to the race


Sunday– We race for 6 leaders jerseys, a podium sweep and so much more

One Response to “One to go and everything left to get”

  1. Ali

    Can you please let me know what time we’re leaving for the race? I didn’t see it posted.