Crazy how the weather works. The kids who road the shoot out stayed dry for 2. 5 hours today. We did not get rained on until our return from Green Valley.


I apologize to the kids and families who did not get to ride today because of the weather for the mountain bike ride.


Tomorrow we have two rides.


Sweetwater MTB folks we are going to meet at 7:30 am.


Those fortunate enough to ride with ROC, Ride On Cycling, will meet at 7 am at the clubhouse. Please be in full kit and be prepared to talk with folks you might not know. If you do not have a Grupo Kit then please wear your MTB kit that you wear at the races.


Also this evening starting at 5:30 pm is a memorial ride/ walk for a gentleman who recently passed away on his bike. It is at A MTN. Please feel encouraged to go and support this gentleman who was a shining light in the cycling community. Please no spandex, just plain clothes, ride or walk with your family and support those that are trying to make A MTN the safest place possible for people to recreate.

One Response to “Sunday News and Notes”

  1. Elliot S

    I don’t have a grupo kit. Is there anything else I should wear instead?