Beautiful rain, thank you for quenching the thirst of the desert. Now can you stop so we can ride bikes, and then start again as soon as we are done.


I will be posting tomorrow morning about what I think our plans should be. Yes I really want to ride, but weather dictates safety and I do not want to mess with that.


There is one change to the this weekend that I have let the kids know about.




Saturday– If you ride on Colin or Bens ride on Saturdays then you are going to go Mountain biking with them on Saturday. You will meet at 7 am and drive to Sweetwater. You will ride for 3 hours till 10:30 and should be back at the clubhouse at 11am.


If you ride the Shoot Outs then nothing changes for you.

6:15 Old Man

6:30 Big Kid



Sunday– Those of you who ride with Colin and Ben will join, Ride on Cycling, a cycling group in town that heavily supports El Grupo. You will take them on your usual Saturday road ride and enjoy their company. Please come ready to talk, be in your full Grupo kit, and be nice.



Those of you who rode the Shoot Out will then head to Sweetwater. We will leave at 8 am. So arrive at the clubhouse at 7:30 am.


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