Tomorrow is day 1 as we prepare for the Spring Season. Commitment and consistency are the most important characteristics this time of year. Stay committed and do the necessary work, and be consistent. In this base season the way to get the best bang for the buck is to be consistent. You want to have quality work, day in and day out.


This season I want to add some training features.


Before every ride I want everyone to go the metal building and to ride a set of rollers for 15 minutes. I know that this does not work for everyone, everyday because of scheduling with school and life, however lets to try to do this. I want this so that we are warmed up before we go outside and are ready to ride quality as soon as we leave the clubhouse. Maddy Mitchell you can dance for 15 minutes in the metal building. That would be fun and it would be you warmed up. Music please.


After each ride, there is going to be a cross work out in the metal building. Please after each ride go to the building and get it done. All rides will know that this is a component so 6:30 is still the regular pick up time.


LIGHTS are absolutely mandatory. You must have both. No excuses. You will ride rollers if you forget.


HIGH SCHOOL JERSEYS—– Please turn them in this week. Please wash and return them.


If you have a power meter —- PLEASE—- bring your computers. This should just not be an issue. Lets use these if we have them. Also I have 6 more, so if you are interested, please ask.


Training Plan


Tuesday and Thursday– 4:30 to 6:30 Road rides, with pre and post work. Endurance Z2 pace


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 to 6:30 same as above.


Saturday– B and C team rides  8 am

Old Man Shoot out  7:15

Big Boy shoot out 7:30


Sunday– Roadies MT Lemmon

Mtb kids– Long MTB ride. Likely AZT

3 Responses to “A New year begins this week”

  1. Myles

    Remember that these rides are not chill don’t be dumb like me and not bring the fule you need

  2. Leonardo

    I will not be at practice today (Tuesday) because I have a lot of homework