At this point its hard to really understand all that we accomplished. I think some day in a month or two it will hit me.


For now I think the most important thing I have to do is THANK ALL OF YOU. Coaches, riders, parents and volunteers. I am very humbled to have everyone’s support and I could not do it with out you. Thank you all so much


Riders we will talk a lot more this week about where we are going and how we are going to get there.


Weeks Plan


Tuesday– OFF, everyone enjoy the day


Wednesday– 4 pm start. I am going to have the fit kits available so that everyone can try on clothes for next years kit order. Sizes always change and so do we, so you want to try things on. Also I want everyone to clean their MTB’s and I will need some help with Swap meet clothes.


Thursday– Capture the FLAG. You must bring a jersey and a bandanna.


Saturday– MANDATORY ROAD RIDE WITH ROC CYCLING. I will post meeting time. We will ride for 2.5 hours with a great group that has been raising money for El Grupo for years. Please be in your most full kit. This years if you have it.


Sunday– Swap Meet. We do need baked goods, and you will be sent a doodle poll so that you can figure out when you can come and help. The swap meet is annually 5% of our budget, so it is a big deal. Please come, help and shop.

9 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Megan Mogan

    Maddy Mogan will be out of state for a family wedding from Thursday through Monday.

  2. Madison

    I just a friendly reminder than me and one other person are coming Thursday-fridays for 8-3 for our impact service and we can do anything for the swap meet or cleaning of anything.

  3. Justine

    Hey Coach, I’ll be on the look-out for the doodle poll. I’m down for some kind of baked good for the swap. Also, way to go team! I’m still pretty new to all of the MTB racing stuff, but it is very clear that you all dug deep, raced super hard, had fun, and really embodied what it means to be a team—challenging and supporting one another. I am utterly amazed by you all!

  4. Walker Boys

    Myles and Daniel are out of town Thursday-Monday. Great job team!

  5. Coach James H

    Unfortunately I will not be able to demonstrate my superior capture the flag skills this Thursday. Grrrreat racing this weekend El Grupo!!

  6. Mostyn

    I won’t be at practice Thursday. I have an optometrist appointment

  7. Steve Bohn

    I won’t be at practice today; I’ll let the youngsters enjoy capture the flag!
    Just want to say how proud I am of ALL of El Grupo riders, coaches, parents and volunteers who helped make the 2018 NICA series a HUGE success for El Grupo!! Great efforts, podiums, toughness shown by all.

    Looking forward to buying EG baked goods @ the Bike Swap Sunday am.



  8. Beth Semonsky

    Elliot will not make the Saturday morning ride. He is home sick with a fever. Hope you all have a great ride!