I sure hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful day with family and friends.


I want to thank you all for being in the El Grupo Family and for supporting me, Ignacio, as I try and be my best everyday as coach and Program Coordinator. I thank you for the opportunity and I promise to try my best everyday until I part.


I want to put forth the same challenge to every young adult on the team. I want to challenge you all to come to practice every time with a positive attitude and wiling to try new things and to push harder than the day before.


For me to be a successful coach I believe we need to be willing to go through the process together you trusting in me and the program and what we are trying to do and you being willing to commit to the work and always trying your best. This would be my Christmas wish that we can always operate at that level.


December 26th Hopkins Ride

Hopkins; 2 start locations:

1.  Leave clubhouse on bikes at 8:30am – ride to Hopkins up and down back to vans at base by 1pm. If you leave from the clubhouse you must be on a Gravel Bike.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Ignacio, Lynn?
2.  Leave clubhouse in vans at 9:30am and drive to base of Hopkins.  Butts on bike by 10:30am, back to vans at base by 1pm. I encourage you to ride your mountain bike.
Coaches: Daniela, David, Nick, Steve?
Van drivers: Daniela, David, Steve, Ben?
All should be back by 2 pm ish. Please bring a snack, lunch and I encourage a change of clothes.



December 27th MTB ride – AZT starting near Gabe Zimmerman trail.
Leave clubhouse in vans at 8am.  Butts on bikes by 9am and finish by 2pm.  Back to clubhouse by 3pm.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Richard, Sarah J., Jake, Nick, James?
Van drivers: Ignacio, Richard, Ben
            Road ride – Route TBD– This is for all Valley kids, however Isaac I would have you on the mtb for today
Coaches: Keenan,
December 28th Road ride
Leave clubhouse at 8:30am and return by 11:30am.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Jane, Nick, Ron?
For these next three rides I want everyone to make at least two if you can. Yes three is awesome, but then that could mean 5 days in a row and for the younger group of riders that is too much
Also I would like for them to be back to back if possible
I prefer you ride Hopkins and then the MTB ride on the 27th and take Friday off
However I know not everyone can make the 26th, so that is the reason for the 28th road ride.
If you have questions please ask.

7 Responses to “Hopkins ride, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays”

  1. Elliot S

    I will not be on the ride today because I am going on a hike with family but I will be back tomorrow and will do the next 4 rides

  2. Steve Bohn

    Per my email to the coaches sent out yesterday I won’t be able to help out today due to work conflicts. I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their families and friends!

  3. Ron

    I will be available for the road ride on the 28th. See you guys at 8:30



  4. Caleb

    I will was not at practice yesterday and will not be at practice today because of family obligations. I will be there this weekend.