This ride is one of the best kept secrets in Southern Arizona. I am very excited to take you all out on it.


Please again dress well. Everyone did a good job of it today and from what I heard things went well. If you dress well its really not that cold. Yes it is cold, but manageable.


Lets meet at 8 am.


That puts us getting to Pena Blanca Lake at 9:30 and hopefully butts on bike before 10 am.


We will then ride 30 miles to the town of Arivaca refuel and then ride back. There is plenty of climbing on this ride. So mountain bikes or gravel bikes are necessary.


We should be back to the vans by 2:30 and hopefully back the clubhouse by 4pm.


This ride completes week one of Winter camp, and then we have Monday off. So lets make this a good one.

6 Responses to “Ruby Road Tomorrow”

  1. Rebecca Sotelo

    Hi Coach,
    Should the children bring lunch, snacks, and a change of clothes?

  2. ignacio

    Great questions Rebecca.

    Yes a change of clothes and plenty of food is a very good idea.

    There is a store in Arivaca to buy snacks and there are snacks at the clubhouse if other kids need.

  3. Thomas

    Is there going to be anyone at the clubhouse today? I need to get my stuff for the 24hop and am driving up on the second, not going to be going up with the vans.