Thank you to every youth who came prepared this past week. I was very impressed with your commitment to come and put in the extra work. I thank you for the dedication and I hope we can keep it going.


This week will be bit more than last week. We are going to keep it up for 6 weeks. Building a solid foundation to race off of.


Results later in the year and born out of the work you put in on the front end. I love this time of year because we can dream. We can set ourselves on a course for real success. Don’t be afraid to care.


Training Plan


Rollers before and Cross Train after on every day again


Tuesday– Rollers– Endurance Road ride– Cross training. Lauren Hall guest riding with us. Please if you have any UHC clothing or Optum please wear it. She will really enjoy it.


Wednesday– Valley Racers. TT practice with Ron Alvarez

All others MTB. 3:45 and 4:30


Thursday– Middle school kids. MTB day no road option

High Schoolers Road Endurance ride


Saturday– Old Man– 7:15

Big Kid— 7:30

Ben and Colin’s ride– 8 am


Sunday– 8 am meet

MTB and Road rides. Road only for Valley racers


Team Meeting at 3 pm at Madera Park


7 Responses to “Week 2”

  1. Reece Culliney

    I will not be here Tuesday because if a band concert but I will be here Thursday and Saturday.

  2. Thorsten

    I am unable to ride due to the condition of my mountain bike. I have to ride Saturday and Sunday

  3. Thorsten

    I am unable to ride due to the condition of my mountain bike. I hope to ride Saturday and Sunday

  4. Megan

    Maddy Mogan will not be riding Tuesday or Thursday because of orchestra. She will ride both Saturday and Sunday.

  5. Megan

    Maddy will ride Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday due to weekday school commitments.

  6. Jesus Amaya

    Jesus will not be at practice on Thursday as he has school work that needs to be completed.

  7. Mostyn

    I won’t be able to ride this weekend. I’m going to Dawn to Dusk.