Bravo to everyone who put together a huge week 1. You all should be tired and I hope you have all slept in.


Thank you to all the volunteers and coaches who came out to help as well. The team does not work without you all, so thank you for the support and help.


BIG CHANGES TO WEEK 2. The weather forecast is enough to make me change a few things around.


Volunteers– I apologize for these changes but I hope  you understand and can still help out.


Tuesday— New Years day— No Ride. With snow in the forecast it just does not seem like a good idea, and the kids who put together a huge week 1 they are all still tires. However if you did not put together a big and you want to ride, I am happy to open the doors and to let you grab your bikes to ride with family and friends.


Wednesday— Kitt Peak. As always for big days like this, bring a change of clothes and good snacks.


1/2 – Road ride – Kitt Peak; 2 start locations:
1.  Leave clubhouse on bikes at 8:30am and back to vans at 2pm in Three Points, 6-hour ride.  Back to clubhouse by 3pm.
Coaches: Keenan, Ron, David, Nick, Ignacio 
2.  Leave clubhouse in vans at 8:30am and drive to Three Points.  Butts on bikes by 9:30am and back to vans in Three Points, 50-mile ride.  Back to clubhouse by 3pm.
Coaches: Ali, Daniela, Ben, Jane, Ignacio
Van drivers: Ali, Daniela, Ben, Ignacio
Thursday– 24 hour course recon
I want get there early enough that we can spend a whole solid day there.
8 am– Meet at clubhouse
8:30 — depart
10 am– Arrive at 24 hour course
3:30 pm– Depart 24 hour course
5  pm — Back at the clubhouse
Hopefully all can ride 3 laps.
Friday– OFF
Saturday— 7:15 am Old Man Shoot Out with Madera– or some of it
                        7:30 Big Kid Shoot Out with Madera
                       8:30 am– B and C ride again combined with fun extra

1/6 – Road ride – Parker Canyon Lake.
Leave clubhouse in vans at 8am.  Arrive in Sonoita at 9am and butts on bikes by 10am.
This is a 60-mile ride with plenty of elevation.  Most riders will complete in 4 hours – back to vans by 2pm and to clubhouse by 3:30pm.
One van may stay longer if needed.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Jane, Ron, Daniela, Nick, Michelle and Chuck H., Steve?
Van drivers: Ignacio, Ben, Daniela

2 Responses to “Week 2 of Winter Break Camp”

  1. Sue

    Just a friendly reminder the high is 29 and the low is 12 for kitt peak so dress well!!