Thank you everyone who was able to make it to the team party. I hope it was helpful for you all to understand all the opportunities that lay before you and your family.


Riders please fill out the questionnaires before practice tomorrow. We really want to hear from you and get your feedback. Also please remember that you have a chance to tell us what races you want to do. Please let us know if you have goals and desires that we did not highlight.


Also riders there are just a hand full of you now who have not turned in your high school jerseys. Please have them clean and turned in by the end of this week.


Week 3 of our build. 


Remember this time of year is about building our base. Your consistency is the number one thing to keep on top of.


This week we will continue to have rollers before practice and cross training after. Please be prepared. You all have been doing a great job with this over the last two weeks. Lets keep it going.


Tuesday– Road bike Endurance ride. Everyone


Wednesday– 3:45 only. Road Ride. TT practice

3:45 MTB endurance ride

4:30 MTB endurance ride


Thursday– Middle school riders– MTB

High school riders— Road ride


Weekend update on Thursday


Saturday– There is a chance to work on some trails in the Painted Hills MTB area in the morning. This would mean riding out to the trail head and working for two hours. This is a network that I hope we can work on and improve in the years to come. It hopefully gives us another quality place ride within riding distance on weekdays.


More information can be found in the newsletter. There is availability for max 10 people. Please comment if you would like to go.



Worth watching the whole way.


9 Responses to “Week 3”

  1. Reece Culliney

    I will not come to practice on Tuesday because of a doctors appointment. I will come on Wednesday and Thursday.

  2. Mary Belle

    Leonardo will not be at practice today (Tuesday) because he has school work that needs to be finished

  3. Caleb

    I will not be at practice today because I forgot that my bike was at my house and I have school work to finish before finals.

  4. Thomas P.

    I would rather help with trail building than riding the Shootout on Saturday. If I cannot get into that, then that is okay as well. Thanks so much!