I want to THANK Joel Biederman for taking out Elliot, Leo, Thomas, Axel and Luci to the trail building event on Saturday. Thank you all for taking the time to make our trails better.


In fact we are all going to follow suit and on our first day off of school we are going to give back before we ride all over. So on Friday of this week we are going to work the new trail out at Painted Hills. We are going to ride this trail a lot in the coming months as an alternative to always going to Starr Pass. So lets do a good job and build something we love.


I know this week for many of you is Finals week. School comes first so please keep that at priority. However we also know via many academic studies that exercise helps stimulate the brain so that it can learn and remember. So I do hope to see you all when you can make is this week.


This week will be more of the same good old fun.



However once the weekend hits I truly hope to have amazing attendance for our Winter Base Training Camp. I know many of you are traveling around, however as selfish coach I want you all on hand for these beautiful and big rides.


Training plan


Tuesday– Endurance road ride for all with Rollers and Cross Training


Wednesday– 3:45 Road and MTB options just as last week

4:30 MTB option only except for Isaac


Thursday– 4:30 only. Middle schoolers MTB

High Schoolers– Road


Friday– Trail Build day. I will confirm start times and other information


Saturday– B and C team Rides– 8 am start

Old Man with Gates– 7:15 start

Big Kid with Box– 7:30 start


Sunday– Patagonia Adventure ride


**A sub-set of riders will be going with Coach Colin and Daniela on this 3-day BikePacking trip Friday – Sunday:


Interested in doing something like this, too? We hope to do more of this with more Grupo riders when possible.

2 Responses to “Week 4”

  1. Steve Bohn

    I will not be able to help with Thursday practice due to work schedule but will be out to help with B/C ride on Saturday!