Saturday– 7:15 am Old Man Shoot Out. Please be ready for Gates afterwards

7:30 Big Kid Shoot Out with Gates as well.

8 am B team ride will be joined by the C team riders and coaches.

8 am Trail Builders– Elliot, Leo, and Thomas will meet the Biedermans to drive to the trail to help.



Sunday– Three rides.

8 am Valley Riders will head out for a 4 hour ride.

8 am — Sam Bevier, Max Bevier, Myles will head to Mt Lemmon to ride Bugs and more. This will be a five hour adventure.

8 am– All other riders will ride to Sweetwater via the road. So it will be a four hour adventure.


Please everyone bring plenty of snacks this weekend.

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    • Joel Biederman

      Tools will be provided. You should bring
      – Plenty of water and snacks
      – A backpack or bag to carry all your personal items out on the trail. We won’t return to the vehicles until the end of the work event.
      – Sun protection: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses (long sleeves / long pants optional)
      – Sturdy closed toed shoes (boots recommended)
      – Work gloves (extra work gloves and sunglasses will be available if needed