Bravo to all the riders, coaches, volunteers and parents for all the time and effort you put in over this Winter Break. It is a special time of year that allows us to put such a huge block together and I commend all of you who saw it through and really put in the time. Bravo to you and your commitment.


Thank you to all the volunteers, coaches and parents who were so flexible over the break. The weather did not cooperate for long bike rides every day, but it was beautiful. Thank you all for your flexibility as I tried to put the riders in the best possible scenarios to enjoy their rides.


Now that we have put in all that work we need to let it soak in. You are only as good as your recovery and now is the time to let it soak in.


Starting this time of year we are going to be having two different training plans and likely more, because we have different groups of kids targeting different races. Middle School Students will get to race more mountain bikes this year because the schedule of events at the MBAA races makes it so that we can do these events as day trips. For high school students you have the opportunity for more out of town racing so we are going to hold back at the start of the season so that you can race further into the year.


High School Students Training Plan


Wednesday—Training Methodology presentation, Power meter tutorial and How to use Strava

Thursday—Endurance Road Ride

Saturday—Regular morning rides. No extra

Sunday—Power Test at Mt Lemmon



Middle School Students Training Plan


Wednesday—VO2  intervals on your mtb

Thursday—Hole shot practice

Saturday—Depart Clubhouse at 9am. Return at approx. 6 pm. More information later this week

Sunday—Off or you may join us on Mt Lemmon for a chill ride.



Middle school students and Sara and Zeke—You must post on this blog if you want to race this weekend. Please do so by Wednesday.



Mandatory Home Work Questions

These are questions that Max asked you all to take time with at the team party before the break.


Axel, Elliot, Ethan Overson, Izaac, Izzie, Jack, Jesus, Leonardo, Maddy Mitchel and Mogan, Max, Mostyn, Oliver, Quinn, Reece, Sam, Susie, Thorstan.


If your name is listed you are yet to hand in your homework. This is something Max really wanted you to spend a minute thinking about. We hope you take some time to think about the answers and a few sentences will suffice.


Question 1

Are you a bike racer?


Question 2

What race are you really excited about this year and why?


Question 3

Is there a race that we have not highlighted for you that you are interested in and would like to do?




13 Responses to “Bravo, Thank you , and let’s let it soak in”

  1. Sarah Turner

    I will not be able to race this weekend. I am going on an orchestra tour to LA over the weekend.

  2. Sarah T

    I will not be able to race this weekend. I am going on an orchestra tour to LA over the weekend.

  3. Rebecca Sotelo

    What time does practice start today, Wednesday, for High School Students?