Congratulations to everyone who rode on Sunday. I heard nothing but the most positive feed back from all the coaches. They were quite impressed with you passion and efforts.


I will say the same congratulations to all the kids that I took to the mountain bike race. Every youth that raced three laps all had a faster last lap then second. What that tells me is that you all stayed committed and proud when the race became its hardest. That level of self trust is priceless. Congratulations to you all.


Now that have built our base and we have rested and power tested we are ready to start to get fast.


These next three are going to be very structured and hard. They will make you fast. These next three weeks are some of the best structure many of you are going to get all season as soon enough we start to race a lot. So please commit to these weeks. Try your very best to come and be ready to work hard. They will be hard so please emotionally and mentally prepare before coming.


Tuesday– RD bikes


Wednesday– 3:45 RD and MTB

4:30 MTB only


Thursday– RD bikes


Please notice that I did not put the exact workouts here. It does not matter. You come to practice to work hard and I will tell you then. I don’t want anyone to skip a practice because they think it is going to be too hard. This is intentional.


Saturday– 7:15 Old Man with Extra

7:30 Big Kid with Madera

8:30 B Ride. All C Team riders have now been moved up


Sunday– 8:30 am leave the clubhouse.

Valley kids — Mt Lemmon

8:30 am Bonelli Boys– Bugs Springs riding up from the Base. Driving a van to the base

8 am meet. All others– Gabe Z bound. Heading north and south.