There is a lot for me to be thank full for. Thank you all for your patience and ability to be flexible this past weekend. I am very happy that we all were able to make it work so that many of you could go to the Womens March.


I have often said to the youth that coaching is a process of realizing what you have not done yet or done wrong and then learning how to improve and get everyone what they need. Thank you all for letting me make those mistakes so that I can learn from them and get better. I am certainly not perfect but I do promise to do my best to learn from all of you and my mistakes.


This week is another week of hard work that will end with all of you getting your new team kits.


This Sunday is the TEAM PRESENTATION. So we really hope that all family and riders can attend. This is when in front of our sponsors all the youth get to walk out with their teammates and present the new kits to the sponsors and community.


Training Plan


Tuesday— Everyone on Road Bikes. VO2 work to be done.


Wednesday— 3:45 Road and Mountain ride.

Road ride is going to be VO2 work

Mountain ride is going to be a longer tempo trail ride

4:30 MTB only and also a trail ride


Thursday— Road only kids will be on TT bikes or the bike they will ride at Valley. Sub LT work

High School riders– Road Bikes and VO2 work

Middle School riders– Mountain bikes and Hole shots


Saturday— 7:15 Old Man with Gates and A mtn

7:30 Big Kid with Madera

8:30 B Ride with A MTN for sure

Middle school riders– MBAA #2


Sunday— MTB racers– AZT

All with Gravel Bikes— What do think about a good dirt road race?


Team Presentation on Sunday Starts at 2pm – 3:30 pm. 


We really hope that everyone can attend. 

3 Responses to “TEAM PRESENTATION ON SUNDAY — And More fun and Hard work this week–”

  1. Thorsten

    I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday I won’t be able to make it

  2. Joel Biederman

    Will the MBAA depart/return times be similar to the last one?