One More Change.


I think the Kitt Peak is going to be too cold. Also I want everyone to finish the block on top of a mountain.


So the change is tomorrow we are going to ride, Parker Canyon Lake. This is a 60 mile that leaves out of Sonoita. Yes, it will still be cold, but we will not have to descend a mountain.


Please dress warmly to ride and bring a change of clothes.


Grupo will be providing lunch on this ride, so please ensure that you have proper ride snacks.


Meat heads your ride will be longer.


On Sunday when we ride Kitt Peak, I heard that a couple of you were interested in trying to ride you first century. If you are interested please post and I can ask folks to help out.


 Road ride – Parker Canyon Lake.
Leave clubhouse in vans at 8am.  Arrive in Sonoita at 9:15am and butts on bikes by 10am.
This is a 60-mile ride with plenty of elevation.  Most riders will complete in 4 hours – back to vans by 2pm and to clubhouse by 3:30pm.
One van may stay longer if needed.

6 Responses to “One More Change however times mostly stay the same”

  1. Nathaniel

    I would really like to do a century on Sunday please! Thanks