Hey all!

Though I didn’t ride today, I heard everyone had a great Saturday ride. Special bravo to those who did the shootout + extra today, it sounds like you all were completely cracked and successfully completed a century! Rad.

Tomorrow is our last ride of the winter break riding block. While it looks like it’s definitely going to rain tomorrow morning, I want to end the block by spinning the legs out for a few hours in the afternoon.

You’ve put in the work and riding later in the day allows us to sleep in, rest that extra bit, and then get out to ride when its not raining and cold.

Sunday – Road and MTB ride – Leaving at 1:00pm

Middle schoolers and those doing the MBAA races – 3 hours ride leaving at 1:00pm

All others will be on a road ride – 3 hours leaving at 1:00pm

AS A BONUS – I will be at the clubhouse from 11:30am-12:30pm showing some cycling race footage and talking about race tactics. All are welcome, but if you come, I expect you to be attentive and focused.


3 Responses to “Sunday Ride Change”

  1. ignacio

    Very cool Ben, extra bonus. I will provide snacks for those watching and listing to Ben’s insights

    I want to thank David Cross, Ron Alvarez, Kaileen, Izzie, Madison, Ana and Caleb for an awesome ride today. The youth all rode there first century ever and we rocked it in just over 5 hours.

    Also huge bravo to all the youth who rode Madera Canyon again today. That ride is just brutal and you guys should be proud of your efforts. Next week we are going to let all this work soak in and it will pay off. Also thank to Morgan for joining the boys.

  2. Caleb

    I will be at practice. The appointment ended up being next Sunday.