All Information for the race can be found here:


If you have a question please post to this board as many others might have the same one.


Saturday is the road race.

If you have been racing the MBAA races then we did not sign you up for this.


There are going to be three different leave times on Saturday so please be aware:

Men and Women 4/5 and Junior women are the first to leave.

6 am leaving the clubhouse


Women 3/4 you are going to be leaving at 7 am.


Men 3 and above you all need to leave at 8:45. Boys Rogan, Quinn and Ethan Overson please coordinate among-st yourselves to get to the race and back.


You can find you category placement here:



After the races we will all drive back together. We will not wait for the Older three boys.



Sunday– U of A Mall Crit day

All information can be found here:



Everyone is signed up for this. You can use the same links from above to find you category.


Younger boys if possible I would like for you all to race up the 15-18 junior category as well. It starts crazy early but I think would be really fun and it would give you an extra race start.


Junior boys 15-18 your race starts at 7:10 am we need to be on site by 6 am to ensure we have everything we need and are signed up properly. We need to leave the clubhouse super prompt at 5:45am.


The next race is Junior Boys and girls under 15, and Women 4/5. Race starts at 10:20 am so please be on site at 9 am and thus leaving the clubhouse at 8:45 am.


Junior women 15- 18 next at Noon. Be on site at 10:30 am so leave at 10:15 from the clubhouse, or sooner to watch the other race


All of the other races will be later in the afternoon. Please be on site at least an hour and half early.


There will be a team van on site and trainers. We will have water and race fuel.




Notes for day of races:


Required Supplies for Road Races and all One day races

Basics: Helmet, gloves, riding shoes, sun glasses, etc…

Personal Bag: large enough to hold everything you bring. Everything shoes, helmet, everything. No loose items in the van. This is something I am strict about. It is way for you to not lose your stuff and it makes it easier for us to help you find things. Ask if you need a good bag.

Walking shoes

Race License: digital or printed “authorization to ride”

Race Waiver form: signed by guardian\parent

Team EG shirt

Feed zone waterbottles: Bottles you’re willing to lose

Newest team kit

4 Responses to “U of A Racing Weekend”

  1. Jesus Amaya

    Two questions..
    1. Jesus does MBAA, is he racing Saturday? Based on our conversation, my assumption is yes.
    2. For the Thursday practice, should he do the road ride? His MTB is in the shop as it got damaged last week. So, that would work out better for us.

  2. Joel Biederman

    Two things:
    1. Axel does MBAA. He also thought he was racing Saturday. Looks like no?
    2. Axel is sick and won’t be at practice today.

  3. Rebecca Sotelo

    Hi Coach, approximately what time will the riders be returning to the clubhouse on Saturday?

  4. Thomas

    Ignacio, I will not be able to attend the UA crit. So sorry, I really wanted to.