Wednesday — All start times are 4:30 today. So the power talk and the ride for the MTB kids all start at 4:30 today.


Saturday– B+C Team ride starts at 8:30. No extra we want you ready for the power test on Sunday


Old Man and Big Kid Shoot Out no extra. 7:15 and 7:30 starts


Saturday MTB crew— We will depart at 9 am.

We will arrive back home by 6 pm ish


Please bring a change of clothes with an El Grupo T shirt, a hat, and change of shoes. Do not arrive  in full kit. Change at the venue.

Also bring food you want to eat. We will have some lunch stuff, but bring things you like to snack on.


Sunday– 8:30 am leave the clubhouse heading to Mt Lemmon for Power test. Please ensure that all power materials are ready, this included Heart Rate if that is what you use.

We should be at the base of the mountain by 9:30 and we should be done with the test by 10:30 thus having us home by 11:30- Noonish.



4 Responses to “Wednesday Practice and weekend info”

  1. Camilla

    I will not be racing this weekend, but I hope to join everyone for later races.

  2. Max Bevier

    I left my smiths at the clubhouse. If anybody finds them can you please return them.