Old Man Shoot out with Gates and A MTN— 7:15 am leaving the clubhouse

Big Kid Shoot out with Madera– 7:30 am leaving the clubhouse

B Team ride with A MTN– 8:30 am leaving the clubhouse


Estrella Mountain Bike Race MBAA#2

Middle school kids and a few others


Two vans this time with different leaving times. I need 6 kids to ride up with an early van. Please post.


First van leaving very prompt at 8:30 am.

Second van leaving very prompt at 9 am.


Again we should be back to the clubhouse at approx. 6 pm.


Please bring a change of clothes for before and after the race. The team will provide lunch, however bring snacks that you want to have. Team T shirt is mandatory.



Sunday– Team Presentation All should really attend and Parents its really fun to watch your kid get called out as part of the team


Team Presentation we ask that all riders are at the clubhouse at 1:30 pm and we will be done by 3:30 pm.


There are also bike rides.


9 am leaving the clubhouse.


8:30 am meet


I was hoping to take kids out the AZ trail. It really is that good.


Road riders we will have a quality ride that is not the Lemmon so arrive at the clubhouse.


So if we leave at 9 we are on bikes by 10 am.


We then ride for 2 hours and are back at the clubhouse by 1 pm.


So I propose that kids do this ride and bring a change of clothes for the team presentation.


We can have extra food at the clubhouse so that kids can eat well after the ride.




6 Responses to “Weekend info and update”

  1. thomas

    I will come to the early van. Cannot come to practice though, I am not feeling well.

  2. Ted

    Be aware everyone going to phx for the middle school races that the freeway is closed at 67th ave.
    Plan for a detour and extra time!!