This week really gets the Spring Season started. I am very excited for things to really get moving.


In the next few days there is going to be a lot of information coming at everyone in regards to the 24 Hour Race so please be on the look out.


Training Plan


Tuesday— Valley riders– Road ride with openers

24 Riders– Ride with openers on MTB bikes


Wednesday— Valley Riders– 4:30 only– Road ride with openers

24 riders– If you cannot travel with the team on Friday — then you have an MTB ride with openers

If you can travel with the team on Friday morning then you will be off


Thursday-24 riders– Off for all

Valley riders– Road ride with openers


Friday— Valley Riders– TT race

24 Riders– Pre- Ride with openers if you travel with the team in the morning


Friday leaving-– I am going to assume that all riders can leave on Friday at 9 am. Please let us know if you cannot. Also if you cannot then travel to the race is on you. So please post and coordinate with those that are available to help


24 Hour Riders

Packing lists have been emailed to all parents, there will be some printed copies at the clubhouse if you would like one

We will be departing on Friday morning at 9 am from the clubhouse

Please bring yourself a quality lunch

The team will provide dinner on Friday night

It will be cold. I am over protective, so please bring a good amount of clothes

Parents if you are ever wondering what to help bring— You can never go wrong with bringing extra water or good snacks



7 Responses to “Lets let the racing begin”

  1. Madison

    I’ll be at the Wednesday practice and be at the 24 around 4pm Friday

  2. Steve Wilson

    Is anybody headed out Saturday morning that could give me a ride? -Steve

  3. Nathaniel

    I was just wondering: I will not be at practice on Tuesday, but I am coming up with you guys on Friday morning, so should I come on Wednesday to get some openers in? Thanks, Nathaniel.

  4. Steve Wilson

    Is anybody going up to the 24 Hour Race on Saturday morning? I could use a ride. -Steve