This is our local stage race. Home field. It’s a super rad Tucson event that we take part in every year. Friday is the Time Trial. We practiced the course on Sunday, so get excited for your real run on Friday! Saturday is the Road Race down in Green Valley. And Sunday is the Circuit Race course that starts and ends at PCC West. Sunday is a great day to spectate.

Stage Race Notes:

If you were not already aware, TBC is a stage race. You have to race and finish each day to move on to the next day. No dropping out when the going gets tough! Every day, make sure all your stuff fits into 1 single bag. No bag throw up! You will want to bring a change of clothes (ideally Grupo T shirt) with you so you can get out of your chammy as quickly as possible, you will also want lunch Saturday. DO NOT bring water bottles that you care about! They will probably get lost in the Feed Zone. On Friday, wear a skin suit! They are faster. On Saturday and Sunday, you MUST wear the newest team kit. Either wash it or double dip. I don’t care. This years kit only.


First Van- ALL GIRLS- meet at the  Clubhouse at 9:30, leave at 9:45.

2nd Van- Junior boys racing in Junior Categories. Meet at Clubhouse at 12, leave at 12:15. This is specifically 15/16 boys: Kirakofe, Estevan, Zeke. 13/14 boys: Reece, Caden J, Thomas, Thorsten, Damiano, Elliot, Leo, Daniel.

3rd Van- Men 2/3/4. Meet at Clubhouse at 1, leave at 1:15.

The van you drive out in will be the van you drive back in.


Wave 1: All Women and All Junior Boys (i.e. individuals in the 1st and 2nd vans from Friday). Meet at Clubhouse at 5AM. Sorry. Leaving at 5:30 to give ourselves plenty of time out there. BRING A JACKET! It will be about 5 degrees colder in Green Valley, and it’s the coldest part of the day. You will NEED a jacket to keep your body warm before your race. Also, bring a real lunch with you for after you race.

Wave 2: Men 2/3/4. Meet at Clubhouse at 7AM, leave at 7:30. Bring a jacket and lunch, just like wave 1.


Everybody: when you show up at the clubhouse, be in kit with warm layers to shed.

All Women: Meet at Clubhouse 5:30AM. Dress warm, we will ride to the start. Leave the Clubhouse at 5:45. This gives us plenty of time to get there, sign in, roll around, and start at 7AM.

Men 4, All Juniors: Meet at Clubhouse at 7:30, leave at 7:45.  Races start at 9AM.

Men 2/3: Meet at Clubhouse at 9AM, leave at 9:15. Races start at 10:40AM

Hopefully everybody can stick around on Sunday to watch the Pro/1 race. It should be pretty fun and we’ve got a couple alumni in there tearing it up.

2 Responses to “TBC Logistics”

  1. Ignacio

    On Sunday a van will be at the event. Also tents and chairs. We hope folks stick around to watch. So bring a change of clothes, hat and snacks. Grupo will provide lunch on Sunday for all the racers

    • Ignacio

      On every day a van will leave promptly with the youth that have finished their race