Thank you all racers for such a great display of team work and camaraderie today. Your understanding, support and pursuit of racing as a team makes me so very proud. I say bravo to you all.


I want to encourage all families of the younger riders who are not racing tomorrow to still come out and enjoy the race, especially the afternoon races of the Pro’s. The men and women really put on an amazing show.



Sunday– U of A Mall Crit day

All information can be found here:


Junior boys 15-18 your race starts at 7:10 am we need to be on site by 6 am to ensure we have everything we need and are signed up properly. We need to leave the clubhouse super prompt at 5:45am.


The next race is Junior Boys and girls under 15, and Women 4/5. Race starts at 10:20 am so please be on site at 9 am and thus leaving the clubhouse at 8:45 am.


Junior women 15- 18 next at Noon. Be on site at 10:30 am so leave at 10:15 from the clubhouse, or sooner to watch the other race


All of the other races will be later in the afternoon. Please be on site at least an hour and half early.


There will be a team van on site and trainers. We will have water and race fuel.

One Response to “Thank you all for such a great day”

  1. ignacio rivera de rosales

    Camilla asked a great question. For all the junior girls. I have only signed you up for the junior race. However I really would like to encourage you all to do the 4/5 first.

    The thing is your second race only cost $5, and your junior race is cheapest. So I sign you all up online for the junior race only, and then I pay day of for your second race.

    So all young ladies that want to do the 4/5 race, please feel very encouraged to do so