Really where do I start?


6 teams on the podium and three wins at the 24 Hour Race.


An incredibly fine, helpful and wonderful showing of support and love from all the parents who came to the event to help.


Handlers who got every kid to the start on time and ready to go. Lights that worked every time. Food that was tasty and warm all event.


Really the village that is El Grupo and what you guys all put together to make the event work is just beautiful. It is why its my favorite event of the year. Never do we depend on each other in quite the same way. I just really appreciate how it always brings us all together in that special way. Thank you to all.


But there was more!!!


Valley of the Sun Road bike stage race


Morgan brought a crew of 5 boys to the race and they all learned that they can compete on the national stage. Each rider had a result that reminded them that they can be as good as they dream.


Ethan Overson won the Cat 2 GC and road race, while every other young man had at least a top 20 finish in stacked fields of the nations best.


We all can compete at the highest of levels if we let ourselves believe, dream and trust.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Recovery day. Clean your bike day, and understand how we move forward day


Wednesday– Valley riders– Road bikes with some work 3:45 and 4:30 start times

24 Hour riders– recovery ride


Thursday– Sunday. It looks like it is going to be very cold and wet. There are going to be many game time decisions made to work around the weather.


Saturday– Depending on what we decide it might be a late start and then going to McCains loop to practice the TBC time trial, or it might be brave the cold, as we all did at the 24, and shoot out.


Sunday– Depending on what we do on Saturday might be TBC practice, or it might be something else.

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