Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Stage Race is this weekend.


All information can be found here:


Description: Cactus cup is a 3 day mountain bike race held in the McDowell Mountain Park (Phoenix, AZ). Riders will have to skip entire day of school on the Friday 03/08. If this is absolutely not possible, they may skip the short track race and we will bring them up on Friday evening. Otherwise, riders are required to do all three days of racing.

Overnight days (Camping): Friday 03/08 and Saturday 03/09

Extra fee: $50.00—Please bring this in check form on Friday. If you are on scholarship please apply your reduced rate to the $50. 

Race Schedule:

Friday 03/08 – Short track race—    **Must bring lunch with you, no food provided until 5:00pm on Friday evening at camp

-Meet at clubhouse at 10:00am

-Leave clubhouse at 10:30am

-Arrive at race-course at 1:00pm

Saturday 03/09 – Cross Country race

-7:45am start

Sunday 03/10 – Enduro race

-8:00am start

-1:00pm leaving

-3:00pm-4:00pm back in Tucson

Supplies brought by each rider:

Packing list will be provided prior to race

Training Plan 

Tuesday– Sweetwater MTB– finding flow

                   Quinn– Recovery ride

Wednesday– MTB ripping down hills

                        Quinn– LT work with Ron

Thursday– OFF get your school work done

                     Quinn– More LT work

Quinn on Saturday you have the shoot out with some extra either Gates or Madera then on Sunday we have more LT work for you on the Lemmon

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  1. Thomas

    Hello, I will be going up with Reece tomorrow after school, please load my bike up. Coach Morgan is taking my riding stuff to me tonight, so no need to worry about that. Thank you so much!