There is going to be a lot of information on this post and a lot of different groups moving in different directions so please take time to find your group





I do want to start thought by thanking: Maya, Morgan Sean and Jesus, for going way above and beyond this weekend. Their help at the Cactus Cup Mountain bike race was absolutely invaluable and I can’t thank them enough myself. Please all if you see any of them this week, take time to thank them. THANK YOU!!!


This weekend some of the kids are going to be heading to Bonelli Park, in San Dimas, California for a UCI mountain bike race. This is the biggest MTB race format that we attend, so we are anxious and super excited.


Riders attending are :  Brayden, Damiano, Elliot, Izaac, Izzie, Jesus, Kaileen, Max, Sam, Myles, Rogan, Susie, Eve, Daniel, Dylan


Bonelli UCI TechGuide:

Information for the event can be found here:

Bonelli “Amateur” TechGuide:


We are going to be leaving at NOON on Thursday. Please arrive at the clubhouse at 11:30 am. This is a little earlier than previously stated, we just don’t want to arrive super late and have to drive deep into the night.


We are going to be camping and it will be cold in the morning, so please pack properly.


Bonelli Riders Training Plan

Tuesday– Recovery ride

Wednesday– Quality trail ride– 3:45 and 4:30 rides



Next riding group is the kids who have been doing the MBAA races.

There is a crit race in town that I want you all to do this Saturday. There are not going to be any other juniors at the race. So it is going to be a race against ourselves. This will make it super low key but also fun as we can make the race so that we race each other as teams. I want us to do the race to support the teams putting it on, and to get you all another race start. Race starts are important as you get older so that you can move up through the categories.

Axel, Caden, Camilla, Estevan, Kaiden, Leo, Maddy Mogan, Reece, Thomas, Thorstan, Zeke


All information can be found here:




The race starts at 7:30 am. We need to be there no later than 6:30 am,  so we are going to leave the clubhouse prompt at 6 am. Please be punctual. Coach Keenan is going to ride with you all down. The race is at Campbell and 36th st, by the Costco.


Training Plan

Tuesday– Recovery ride

Wednesday– Trail ride on your MTB’s 4:30 only

Thursday– Crit practice road bikes.

Saturday– Crit Race

Sunday– OFF


Some of you will be staying in town and not racing the crit. You have other goals coming up and we need to prepare for them.

Ana, Ben Colombi, Caleb, Dillon, Maddy Mitchell, Madison Major, Nathaniel, Oliver,

Tuesday– Recovery ride

Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 trail rides

Thursday– Road Bikes

Saturday– Old man or big boy shoot outs are the only options.

Old man at 6:45 am start

Big Kid at 7 am start

Sunday– 8 am depart the clubhouse for Mt Lemmon. 4 hour ride



Ethan Sotelo and Quinn. You guys will be on road bikes everyday this week. Also I want to encourage you all to race the crit, especially Quinn for the upgrade points. Ethan I want you to help him. You guys would ride shoot out to the bridge then come back for the crits. Plural. I want you all to do two. Please talk to me tomorrow.








12 Responses to “March is a crazy month”

    • Brandie Kiracofe

      Also, Kaiden has school functions both Tuesday and Thursday, he will not be at practice. March is crazy for sure. -B

  1. Caden James

    I’m going backpacking with my parents so I won’t be able to race this weekend.

  2. Reece Culliney

    I will not be coming to Tuesday practice due to a school event today. I’ll come Wednesday and Thursday and race Saturday.

  3. Thorsten M.

    I will not make the ride on Tuesday due to school events

    • Thorsten

      I have family in town in Wednesday I will come Thursday, the crit, then sunday

  4. Elliot S

    Due to logistical errors in transportation I will not be able to make it to practice today

  5. Leonardo

    I will not be able to race on Saturday because I am going on a field trip.

  6. Oliver

    I will not be able to make it to practice today because I need to prepare for a midterm.