While many of our teammates are heading back to California to compete against the best, those of you in town have another great opportunity.


This Saturday there is a MBAA mountain bike race in Phoenix. Thank you to all of you who communicated as I hoped.


Here is who I have: Caden, Elliot, Leo, Damiano, Reece, Susie, Thomas, Thorstan and Luca.


Logistics: Bring a snack and a change of clothes. Please pack a team t shirt for after the race.

Leave at 8:45am. Early because we need to get Susie there on time, so that she can warm up.

Should be home no later than 6:30pm.

Grupo will provide lunch.


Sunday– Mt Lemmon ride. 8:30 depart the clubhouse.


State Championship Mountain bike race Next weekend. This will be another one off race. Drive to Phoenix and back. However will be leaving much earlier for the race, because that is what start times dictate. Information can be found here: https://swsportsreg.com/viewevent.php?EC=556


The race is on Saturday March 30th



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  1. Maddy

    This is Maddy, I will be able to go to both upcoming Mountain bike races.