Many teammates leave today to head to California. Wish us all luck and speed.


Keenan is going to be in charge at the clubhouse and for practice the next few days.


Thursday– Most of you will be heading down to the crit course to practice for the race this weekend.


Saturday— Tolero Crit. This will be the most chill race of the season. There is not going to be any other junior in the race. We are only going to be racing ourselves. So Keenan is going to have fun breaking you guys up into teams and racing that way. So this is going to be just like practice, just with a number on. Its good for us to support the local race. The race starts at 7:30 am. We need to be on site by 6:30 am. So we need to leave the clubhouse by 6am. Parents is someone available to drive behind the group as they ride down? Its at Park and 36th St. Directly after the crit the kids will ride back to the clubhouse, so they should be ready to pick up and leave by 9 am ish.


Racers– Please remember to fill out your waiver form at the clubhouse before leaving.

Registered junior riders are: Axel, Estevan, Thomas, Reece, Thorstan, Zeke Maddy Morgan.

Registered cat 3 racers– Rogan, Quinn and Ethan Sotelo


If you are not racing the crit then the Shoot Out is back.

6:45 Old Man

7 am Big Kid


Sunday— MT Lemmon 8 am depart the clubhouse and be gone for 4 hours.

5 Responses to “Thursday and Weekend Logistics”

  1. Reece Culliney

    My dad, Sean Culliney, is able to ride behind the group as we ride down to the race course if need be.

  2. Joel Biederman

    I’m also planning to be there, so I could drive behind or ride with the group to/from, especially if we are going to return directly after the race.

  3. Thomas

    I will not attend Sunday. Maybe pick up trainer on Saturday?

  4. Maddy

    Maddy has been sick since Thursday afternoon. She is unlikely to make the Crit Saturday morning. So sorry.