Many of you will notice that many of your teammates are gone this week. Many kids are in Southern California in San Dimas. They are there because they are preparing for one of the biggest races for juniors in the country. It is a 3 day stage race, just like TBC, but all the best juniors in the country are there. They all want to make an impression on the team USA coaches and hopefully land a spot on a European trip. This race is where Tyler and Ethan obtained there opportunities to ride in Europe. Ben and Max are leading the team there and we wish them the best.


While our teammates try to impress the team USA coaches, those of us here are going to try and win some State Championships!! The race is in Phoenix and information can be found here:


Tuesday– Mountain Bike


Wednesday– No road ride. Sorry Ron. All the kids will be gone at San Dimas racing.

4:30 only MTB ride


Thursday– Special ride with the DC Bank Pro Team. Everyone please have your New team kit for this day. We are going to show them a nice road ride.


Saturday– AZ State Championship MTB race. This is Phoenix. We are going to have two different leave times. I will post more on Wednesday about what is going on.

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