Alrighty. We’re getting so close. Whiskey is in 11 days, and Gila starts in 15 days. This point in the season it starts to feel like you’ve been training and racing forever. The riding wears on you. School wears on you. AZ merit testing wears on you. We know. Here’s the thing: you’ve all made it this far. At this point, you just need to put in another few hard practices and you’ll be ready for your events. Honor the work you’ve done all season by finishing this last bit strong.

Tuesday the 16th:

If you are racing Whiskey, show up on your MTB. If you are racing Gila, show up on your road bike. If you are racing both, show up on your MTB.

Wednesday the 17th:

Road bikes all around. 3:45, 4:30, Gila, Whiskey, whatever. Road bikes.

Thursday the 18th:

If you are racing Whiskey, show up on your MTB. If you are racing Gila, show up on your road bike. If you are racing both, show up on your road bike. Read that closely if you’re doing both… 🙂

Saturday the 20th:

Shootouts! Plus Extra. Same start times as last week. More info soon.

Sunday the 21st:

Lemmon. We know it’s Easter. Please try to make it. These weekends of back to back Shootout/Lemmon will do wonders for the legs. Physiological adaptations galore. Start time info will be posted soon.

Paris Roubaix and Game of Thrones were both on Sunday. It was a great day for me. Stoked for Gilbert to take the W. Here is one of my favorite bike racing videos. It’s the 2016 Paris Roubaix, won by Matt Hayman- one of the most humble and kind cyclists in the WorldTour peleton. It’s a pretty amazing video cut together from behind the scenes clips and race footage. Very emotional. Quite cool. Hope you enjoy.

10 Responses to “Almost there!”

  1. Thomas

    I am coming on Saturday to the shootout, on Sunday doing something with Reece’s family. Do not know yet if he and I can attend.

  2. Ana

    Tomorrow my family is going to pick up my sister and Saturday I have a work day for my research project.

  3. Reece

    Unfortunately, I have family plans on both weekends, meaning I am missing both weekend rides. Sorry I can’t attend.

  4. Valentin

    Ignacio, for Saturday’s OMSO: Are B Team riders going all the way around plus extra? Or going all the way around is the extra? Thanks in advance.

  5. Steve Bohn

    Looking forward to helping out with road practice on Thursday.

  6. myles

    Had a bit of a stomach problem on thursday and will not be at practice, if I feel better on friday I will not have school and wold like to do the workout, but I would need to get my bike from the clubhouse.

  7. Kaiden kiracofe

    I can not make the ride on Sunday. I an doing stuff with my family

  8. Thomas

    Hello, I apologize! I thought I could come on Sunday, that is unfortunately not the case. Reece and I are going to do several rides to try and negate the not coming on both days. Have fun,and will see y’all on Tuesday!

  9. ignacio rivera de rosales

    Valentine I am going to encourage the kids to ride to sprint hill again. From there some will turn around and ride back, just like last week.

    Other kids will ride down to La Canada and then ride over to Helmet peak and beat the group to the top. Then they can chill for a minute and try and ride down with the group.

    Great question.