My Gila racing compadres. We’ve got some riding to do this weekend to get ready to race.


Shootout to sprint hill. Old man at 6:15, Big boy at 6:30. Ben and I will both be on the 6:30 start, so we’ll meet the old maners at the top of Sprint Hill and we can all ride back in together. Or you guys can start riding back and we’ll catch you. Up to you.

Since we’re not going all the way around, ride hard to the sprint. Race smart and aggressively, and don’t be afraid to push yourself. Your body needs the intensity.


Leaving the clubhouse at 6:30, we’ll be back at about 9AM. 2.5 hour ride.

College Fair:

There is a college fair at the Gregory School on Saturday. It’s open to both parents and students. If you’re interested in going, the link to more info is here


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  1. Rebecca Sotelo

    hi, what time will the kids be back at the clubhouse? thank you