Gila riders- sorry for the late post here.

Cat 3 Men and up (Izaac, Myles, Rogan, Sotelo, Quinn, Dillon, Overson):

Arrive at clubhouse at 2:30PM Tuesday afternoon, leave clubhouse at 3PM sharp. This gives us just enough time to spin the TT course return section on our way into town, and get in early enough for a good night of sleep before racing.

@Ethan Overson: we’ll pick you up from the Houghton exit on i-10 on our way out of town. Dillon, we can pick you up there too. Be ready by 3:15 so we can make this a super quick pick up.

All Women, and Cat 4 men (Izzie, Kaileen, Ana, Madison, Beviers, Ben, Oliver):

Arrive at clubhouse at 2:30PM Wednesday afternoon, leave clubhouse at 3PM sharp. Same deal as the Tuesday people.


I’m not going to spell out what to bring. You all know what you need. Make sure you have a warm jacket because nights and mornings can be cold in Silver City. Start lines can be quite cold, so you might want arm warmers or a vest. Worth bringing just to have the option. Also make sure you have BOTH your shoes (Oliver!!), your helmet, and your newest kit. You will wear your newest kit everyday of the stage race (Izzie!!). I don’t care how you do it- sink wash the chammy or just quintuple dip. I don’t really care. You will wear that beautiful yellow and blue everyday (except maybe the TT). As always, fit it all in ONE (1) BAG. Tidy and throw up free.

All Whiskey Returnees: Congrats on the weekend. You guys rocked it. Enjoy some rest and well deserved time off, there’s no organized practice this week for you .

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  1. Axel Biederman

    For Whiskey returners: will there be Grupo rides this weekend or should we organize our own?