Bravo to all the riders, staff and families for their super successful trip in California.


Thank you– Ben, Max, Maya and Morgan for taking the kids and allowing them to chase their dreams.


This is the last month of this season and we only have 2-3 more races to go. The end is in sight, and I hope you are all excited to finish super strong.


This weekend we have two events that we need help with


Saturday– Scavenger Hunt. We really hope that as many of you as possible come to enjoy a great day. Riders and families of course.

Riders there is an option to ride with different kids in other Grupo programs, so please let us know if you are interested. Ben is on top of that.


Sunday– Cyclovia. This is especially important for those kids who are unable to help at Manzo. This is your Spring Semester chance to get your hours in. I will be asking you all to sign up on Tuesday.



Training Plan


With just one month left, and a ton of mountains to climb in our bike races to come, we are going to focus on going up the hill.



Tuesday– NO SPANDIES— Team meeting — I want excellent attendance!! Also if you went to any of the California races, please be prepared to talk about your experiences and what you learned.


Wednesday– 3:45 road and mountain rides

4:30 mountain only


Thursday– Road bikes



Saturday– Shoot Out to the Bridge then back for the Scavenger Hunt


Sunday– MT Lemmon then back to have fun at Cyclovia

2 Responses to “We are at least in town this weekend”

  1. Izaac Adams

    Hi Ignacio I was wondering if instead of going to the bridge and doing the scavenger hunt, could I go all the way around on the shootout and then volunteer. I am happy to do any work that you see fit for me to do to help make this the best scavenger hunt ever! I know that you would probably like for me to do the scavenger hunt but I really would like to do the shoot out, so I just thought I would ask.

  2. Estevan

    I will not be at practice today because I sprained my ankle and I’m letting it heal for the weekend.