Thank you to everyone for your help at the Scavenger Hunt. It was another hugely successful event and we really cannot do it without all the wonderful support we get from the families and friends of the team. Thank you all so much.


This weekend is another one packed with events. Saturday we have the State Championship Crit race and Sunday is the Swap Meet.


However after this weekend there are only two more with events, and then May is all open. I know the schedule is crazy and at times it seems like there is no break in site, but this is it. We are at the finish line really.


So with that in mind I really want us all to finish super strong. We are going to put some over these last three weeks, because we want everyone to really finish super strong and proud of their season.


At the team meeting we went over the training plan in long form. Everyone should be aware of the work to come.


Also remember your computers and make sure your power meters work. If you do not have them at all times this week, you will be loosing them permanently. All you have to do it is come prepared, we are not asking too much.


Training Plan.


Tuesday– Road bike for all.


Wednesday– 3:45  Road Only

4:30– Road Only


Thursday– MTB and Road

Chuck please bring your MTB



Saturday– State Championship Crit Race. Information here :


Sunday– Swap Meet. We would love to have baked goods as always. There will be a sign up for helpers.

There will also be an early Morning Mt Lemmon ride as well.

More information to come definitely by Wednesday.

3 Responses to “Week of April 8th”

  1. Thomas Paluda

    I can go on Saturday, depending on how long we plan on staying, I have to leave at 2ish.

  2. Caleb Huggins

    I will not be at practice today because I have homework to do