Saturday– Scavenger Hunt!!!!  The most fun race of the year. I hope everyone has made arrangements to have a great day with friends and family. This is the first year that I have not developed the “game” so I am sure it will be even more fun this year.


Before the Hunt I want to encourage you all the ride the appropriate Shoot Out to the bridge. I have called in volunteers and asked Senior riders to help with the new riders heading out for their first try. You all are going to be partnered with someone to help guide you and keep you as safe as we can.


Old Man– 6:15 start– Be at the clubhouse at 6 am.


Big Kid– 6:30 start



Sunday– Cyclovia. This is when they closed down the streets and people come out to just enjoy being outside with fellow Tucsonans.

We are going to have a station at Catalina Park. The park on 4th ave with the splash pad. We are going to be there from 9- 3.

Morgan is going to run the station from 9- 11 am and then I am going to take over.

Anyone who needs to make up Manzo hours this is great time to come out. It is a really fun community event.

Fun fact– Daniela organized the first two for the City of Tucson before LSA took it over.



Also on Sunday we are going to ride MT Lemmon. 7 am depart the clubhouse.

Return should be 10:30– 11 am. This is on road bikes.

One Response to “Weekend Update”

  1. Thomas Paluda

    Can’t come on the half- shootout today. Any work I could do on an mtb in the meantime?