State Crit– I posted earlier this week about the race and asked for feedback. I really did not get any at all from riders. So we made a decision.

If you are racing at Gila then you will be doing the crit. You need the practice.

If you are not racing Gila then you will not be racing. If you wanted to, then may this be your lesson to speak up.

Gila Ladies– You will ride to the Bridge on Saturday and then prepare to depart for you crit.

Gila Boys– You will ride the whole Shoot out and then head over to the crit.


Crit races you will be leaving the clubhouse at approx. 2 pm. Ben and Max will be leading this charge.


Saturday– Again we are going to ask that the B Team Squad come out and enjoy the Old Man. This time we will let you try and get to Sprint Hill. After that you will turn around and head in with a coach.


Old Man 6:15 start

Big Kid 6:30 start



Sunday– Swap Meet. Lynn and Ignacio will set up and will work the event until 9 am. After that we need help by all Grupo kids, so yes Grupito and Gruppetto can come and help. The first few hours are bike sales not as much clothing sales, so Lynn and I can handle it. We also do need baked goods and kids to sell them.


7 am Ride up Mt Lemmon. If you are riding the Whiskey you don’t want to miss this. And if you are racing Gila, then you don’t have a choice. You need to be there. This ride will be 3-4 hours long.

7 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Madison

    There is only a women1/2/3 race for me so do I ride the whole shoot out and find my own way to the crit because it starts at 5:20

  2. ignacio

    All riders will leave the clubhouse around 2 pm. So if you do you will arrive on site at approx. 3pm. Seeing as how you might leave after 2 and it takes a solid 45 min to get there. You will then be there approx. 2.5 hours before your start. We always get to races with 2 hours of lead time and sometimes its not quite enough. So everyone will leave around 2 pm, and then you dont have to rush. Also if you want to try to do the whole shoot then the crit that is an option you have. You can make that call.

  3. Thomas

    I can’t come on Sunday, can I have some workouts to do? I will likely be there for the shootout on Saturday.
    P.S., where did you say you wanted us to tell you if we could go to the crit race? I can’t find that in the past week.

  4. Kaiden kiracofe

    Ignacio, when did you ask for feedback. I can not find you asking in any of the blog posts from the past week.

  5. Joel Biederman

    Axel is bummed to miss the criterium, but Joel and Axel will both be there for the Old Man Shootout. We’ll both be doing other things Sunday.

  6. Luca

    I won’t be able to make it this sunday because of a meeting.