Hope you all enjoyed your 2 weeks off. Practice starts again this week! I understand some of you may have finals this week- if so, those take precedent over riding bikes. It’s ok.

This week we’re going to focus on learning really good form for our cross training exercises, as well as forming better habits on the bike. You’ll learn a few new routes both on and off the bike that we’ll be using this summer.

Tuesday 4:30PM: MTB Skills/Endurance. 2 hours.

Wednesday 4:30PM: Cross Training. Running shoes.

Thursday 4:30PM: Cross Training. Running shoes.

Friday 6AM: MTB Starr Pass/Adventure. 2.5hr, celebrate the first day of summer! Back by 9.

Saturday: TBD. Leaving at 6, back around 9:30

Sunday: Lemmon, road bikes, leaving at 6 back around 9:30. Focus on climbing form & style.

**Myles, Izaac, Sotelo, Quinn – Road bikes every day. No ride Friday, Shootout Saturday.

Next week practices will shift to morning every day and we’ll dive hard into cross training.

The week after, Bike Camp begins.

4 Responses to “Practice Resumes!”

  1. Kaiden kiracofe

    I can not go to practice on Tuesday because of my promotion

  2. Izaac

    Sorry I cant make it today I have to study for finals tomorrow

  3. Eve

    I will be at practice tues and wed but out of town 5/23-6/5