Hey all,

Based on your responses for working Summer Bike Camp, here is what I have each rider working which camps this summer:

Week 1: Ben. Brayden Caden, Daniel, Elliot, Estevan, Izaac, Izzie, Jack, Jesus, Kaileen, Leo, Maddy Mitchell, Max, Myles, Reece, Sam

Week 2: Axel, Brayden, Caden, Elliot, Estevan, Eve, Jesus, Kaileen, Leo, Maddy Mitchell, Max, Nathaniel, Oliver, Sam Thorsten

Week 3: Daniel, Eve, Izzac, Izzie, Jack, Kaileen, Max, Myles, Nathaniel, Oliver, Reece, Sam, Thomas, Zeke, Sara, Luka

If there is a week that you’re unable to work, that you previously said you could, let me know. Remember though, that we are relying on specific people for specific weeks, and that in order to travel to Durango with the team you have to volunteer for 1 week. 


3 Responses to “Summer Bike Camp Weeks”

  1. Camilla Benning Zapien

    I should be in the third week. Thank you!

  2. Reece

    I cannot due Week 1 due to previous plans, but I can do Week 2 if you need people on that week of camp.