Hey all!

My apologies for getting this post out this close to the ride day. Ben and Max are on a much-deserved vacation, and I don’t work on this Blog sight often.

We are on for the Wednesday short track races tomorrow. We will meet at 5:30 PM at the clubhouse and depart at 6:00 PM sharp. After last Sunday’s ride, I know there are some bikes needing some maintenance before we leave. Please arrive early (4:30 PM) if yours is one of them. I’ll be there to help.

No scheduled rides/workouts for Thursday and Friday. This might be a good time to get your room cleaned and help your mom and dad with some chores around the house (ahem… my children).

Saturday: Shootout. This is only for riders that are normally encouraged to do the Shootout. OMSO meet at 5:30 AM and roll-out at 5:45. Regular SO meet at 5:30 and roll-out at 6. Two water bottles, a tube and a pump/CO2 mandatory!!

No ride on Sunday.

7 Responses to “Wednesday & Saturday ride info”

  1. Elliot S

    I am leaving town tomorrow afternoon so I will not be at either of the rides this week.

  2. Eve

    I’m going out of town on Wednesday afternoon for a week and will be missing practice

  3. Steve Bohn

    I will do my best to make the Short Track heat blast session….

  4. Joel

    Thanks for organizing, Morgan! Axel is gone for the next couple weeks, but I’ll try to join for a few rides next week if adults are needed. More lead time would be helpful 🙂

  5. Michelle

    Chuck and I are not able to be there today. Sorry for the late notice.