Here’s the logistical information for Durango.

Leaving Sunday, July 28th at 8:00am. Please show up AT LEAST 30 minutes prior so that we can pack bikes, gear, etc. 

Below is the packing list. As reminder from Coach Max: Pack using the packing list. Don’t fall in the trap of “I’m hot while I’m packing in Tucson, I don’t need a sweater in Durango”. You do need a sweater. If you are new and don’t have some of the things on the list, just let me know and I’ll you set up.

Please check your email and make sure to bring the signed waiver that Max emailed out. We need these to ensure your participation in Durango.

Returning Saturday, August 3rd. Late in the evening. We’ll know more the day of, as return time will depend on actual departure times and traffic.
Finally: A reminder. phones will be taken at the beginning of the van ride. They will also be taken at any time that a coach sees fit.

Riding Gear:

3-4 bibs or shorts

3-4 Jerseys (el Grupo preferred)

1 pair of gloves

1 pair of arm warmers

1 baselyer

1 vest

1 pair of sunglasses

3 water bottles

2 spare tubes

1 multitool

1 inflation device (if you have it)

Normal clothing:

6 socks

1 team t-shirt

3-4 other shirts (long or short sleeve)

2-4 pants/shorts/legs coverers

1 bathing suit

1 warm jacket

1 rain jacket

1 pair of regular shoes

1 pair of sandals

Hygiene items:


tooth brush





any other applicable items

Camping gear:

1 sleeping bag

1 sleeping pad

1 pillow? If you need it

1 deck of card

0 phones or electronic devices at coaches discretion

Temperatures for Durango: Lows in the low 50’s, Highs in the 80’s. We’re at a high elevation, so it’s easy to get sunburn and become dehydrated. Please come prepared.