We need new team t shirts. Shirts that you all care about and are proud to wear. I’m talkin about t shirts that’ll dolce your gabana. Shirts that make your hair looks like it’s blowing in a cool ocean breeze when it’s a humid 104 in Tucson. Shirts that say “I walk between a mama bear and her cubs cause I’m on truck’n el grupo”. But not literally. And don’t do that, you all are good bike riders but you can’t outrun an angry mama bear.


This is a team wide T shirt design competition. It is open to all members of Team el Grupo. The winning design will be chosen by Ben and I and will be printed on our new T shirts. The winning designer will receive two free t shirts, as well as bragging rights for having created something really cool.

Originally, Ben and I were just gonna design a shirt. But that’s not what this team is. El Grupo is about you guys, and what you care about. We’ve got some amazing artists on the team, and I think “artist” or not every single one of you is capable of coming up with a shirt that’s more original and more creative than anything Ben and I could make for you.

I really hope that everybody gets into this challenge and submits a contribution.


1) Do not use more than four colors (more colors = more expensive)

2) Include the words “el Grupo” and “Tucson, AZ”

This is intentionally extremely open ended. Use any format/medium you like (paper&pen, ipad, word, you name it).

How to Enter:

1) Come up with a sweet design.

2) Get it to me by July 26th.


1) Ben and I will decide what we think was the best one. Don’t worry, I have a great eye. I’ve watched a ton of project runway.

2) the winning design will be selected, announced to the team, and made into shirts


The winner will receive TWO free shirts!!!

Deadline to submit is July 26th. That’s the Monday after we get back from Durango. It’s a month away.

I challenge you all to put me in the position of having too many amazing designs to choose from. Good luck. Git after it.

7 Responses to “T Shirt Design Competition”

    • Camilla

      Also, do the 4 colors include the color of the shirt itself

    • Max Cronyn

      Great question! Yes, but limit of 3 designs/person

      • Max Cronyn

        No, shirt color not included in the four colors. If you have a vision for what color shirt your design should be on, please make that a part of your design submission!

  1. Joel

    July 26th is the Friday before you go to Durango, right? I’m not angling to submit a design, but making sure I have the Durango dates right!

    • Max Cronyn

      Great catch Joel! We went back and forth on dates and I missed that edit. July 26th is the Friday before we leave for Durango. Thanks for checking.