Hey all,

First off, many apologies for the lack of communication this last week. Max and I were in rural Utah and thought we’d have reception, but had none. Serious thanks to Morgan for helping organize practices while we were gone.

Hopefully everyone had a relaxing last week post bike camp. This month we are going to increase our riding compared to June.

This Week

Tuesday: 6:00am meet, 6:30am leave, back by 9:00am – mountain bikes!

Wednesday:  Short Track at 36th St. 5:30pm Meet, 6:00pm leave, back by 8:00pm (come early if you want to work on your bike — I’ll be there at 4:00pm)

Thursday: 6:00am meet, 6:30am leave, back by 9:00am – Road bikes – If you’re new to the team, talk to Max or I about getting a road bike on Tuesday or Wednesday!

Friday: Cross Training 6:30am-8:00am – Arrive at 6:15am

Saturday: Road Bikes! High Schoolers who regularly do the shootout can do the shootout. All others (new riders and others) do a fun ride with Max and I.

Old Man: Starts at 5:45am

Big Boy: Starts at 6:00am

All Others: Start at 6:30am – Arrive at 6:00am – Back at 10:30am

Sunday: MTB ride – Driving somewhere fun. Meet 6:00am – Leave 6:30am – Back by 11:30am

For those who are training for MTB Nats or other races (Myles), I will email you a training plan this afternoon!


13 Responses to “Week of July 1”

  1. Caleb

    I will be out of town until Friday and as of now, I am going camping Saturday and Sunday so I’ll be back next week.

  2. Izaac

    I’ll be at all except Tuesday and will do the Tuesday shootout

  3. Reece Culliney

    I will be out of town starting Friday, so I’ll only be able to come on Wednesday and Thursday.

  4. Elliot S

    I am out of town until next Wednesday so I am unable to do any of the rides this week.

  5. Susie King

    i’m going to be out of town the 4th through the 8th

  6. Zeke Bradshaw

    I will be out of town from July 1st to the 14th.

  7. Thomas

    Crap, got 6 meet 630 leave stuck in my head. That why I missed today. Sorry.