Hope everyone has had a good couple weeks, post bike camp. If you’re back from vacation, we’re stoked to have you.

We’re essentially 3 weeks out from the majority of the team going to Durango, which means one thing: Show up. It sucks to get up there out of shape. Time to show up and ride.

Focus this week on being positive. Yeah, we know it’s hot. Complaining about it it doesn’t make it less hot, it just makes you less happy. In the words of the great Judith Keller (Max’s mum), “Either change the situation or change your attitude. ” The situation (temperature) is out of your control. So lets focus on attitude.

Tuesday, July 9: Clubhouse cleanup/Bike maintenance day – 9:30am-11:30am

Show up and get help fixing your bike. Here is your chance to make sure everything is working. Please plan on staying for the full 2 hours to help us clean up the clubhouse. 

Wednesday, July 10: Short track races – 5:30pm meet – 6:00pm leave – back by 8:00pm

Thursday, July 11: Road ride – meet 6:00am – leave 6:30am – back by 9:30am

Saturday, July 13: Shootout (Old man 5:45 leave, Big boy 6:00am), B/C rides LEAVING at 6:30am – back by 10:00am

Sunday, July 14: MTB ride ride – meet 6:00am – leave 6:30am – back by 9:30am

7 Responses to “Week of July 8”

  1. Jorah

    I have swim championships on thursday so I wont be there

  2. Elliot Semonsky

    I am getting back into town Tuesday afternoon so I will be not be at clubhouse cleanup but I will be at shortrack races Wednesday

  3. Thorsten

    I have a doctor’s appointment today I won’t be able to come

  4. Luca

    I don’t have a ride to the short track races tomorrow, but if someone is able to give me a ride go ahead and email me, I would appreciate it.

  5. Sawyer

    Sawyer is sick. Hopefully, he can make it to tomorrow’s ride if he’s feeling better.