We’ve had a couple of really fun rides this week. The weekend will hold a little more “work”, but it’ll still be fun.

Saturday: Road bikes.

Shootout- Meet 5:30, leave 5:45/6. If you do the big boy shootout, do the big boy shootout. If you comfortably make the old man, do the old man.

B Team Ride- Meet 6, leave 6:30. If you are a new rider, or a middle schooler, or have been dropped recently on the old man shootout, you will go on the B team ride. We can definitely use volunteer help on Saturday on the B ride and on the old man shootout.

Sunday: MTB. Meet 6, leave 6:30, back by 10:30. Bring lots of water.

2 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. jorah

    I am going to sedona today and will be back late sunday. 🙁

  2. myles

    Daniel and i are going camping and will not be back till Wednesday