Team, I hope everybody enjoyed a little bit of time off the bike last week. I hope that starting school is going smoothly and you’re getting settled back into that routine. If you’re having any trouble at all, please remember that we have an academic space available for you! You can do homework at the clubhouse! We can even set you up with a volunteer tutor if you would benefit from such a service.

This week we are back to our regular program!

Throughout the semester, either Ben or I will be at the clubhouse to unlock it by 3:30 on Tuesday/Thursday, and by 3:15 on Wednesday. We’d like to go home at 7, so please try to pick up by then.

Please note that we might be back from riding earlier than 6:30. We’re making a concerted effort to focus on stretching and core work. We’ll be done by 6:30. The stuff off the bike is just as important as training on the bike.

We’re going to spend a little bit of time on road bikes this week because they’re awesome. And also because it’s easier to really control and focus your efforts on the road.

Tuesday: 4:30-6:30PM. ROAD BIKES!

Wednesday: 3:45 or 4:30 start, pick up at 6:30PM. ROAD BIKES!

Thursday: 4:30-6:30PM. MTB!

Volunteers: Tuesday and Wednesday we definitely need help.

Weekend details to come, but short version is Saturday will feature shootouts as well as B/C team road rides. Sunday will be MTB. Sunday afternoon is the team wide rider/parent meeting, you should have received an email about it.

See y’all on Tuesday!

5 Responses to “Week of August 12”

  1. Amy Vitt

    We have not received an email about the meeting — can you make sure to add us to this list and re-send it to us? Thanks!

  2. Thomas

    Hey Ben/Max, I cannot be at practice tomorrow. P.S., new phone, what are yall’s numbers againg?

  3. Sam

    Me and max are not going to practice today, but will be going Thursday Saturday and Sunday.