Team, thanks for collaborating with Ben and me on our new rules, code of conduct, etc. If you have not yet, please bring your signed copy back to us at the next practice you attend. Please remember that we’re getting serious about follow through on our policies, as well. Y’all know what you’re supposed to have at practice. Take personal responsibility of making sure you have your tube, water, etc with you on every ride.

Tuesday and Wednesday are both going to be hOt, HoT, HOT! Bring lots of water! It’s a tough time of year, but this is truly the foundation of NICA season and putting in the efforts now is crucial to enjoying the competition in less than 3 weeks.

Tuesday: MTB Skills ride.

Wednesday: 4:30 only. Road bikes, V02 Intervals. We’re gonna go out, smash our intervals, and come back. It’ll be a short practice, and very much to the point.

Thursday: MTB. Short Track Race.

Saturday: Road bikes. Same as last week. No el Grupo riders on the Old Man Shootout. You will instead do the B/C team rides and it’ll be awesome. If you did the big boy shootout last week, you will do it again this week.

Sunday: MTB. Meet 6AM, leave 6:30AM. This will be a challenging ride. We will be back for pick up by 10AM.

T SHIRTS! T shirts will be $10 each. Please let me know your size at practice so I can be sure to order it. Parents, volunteers, staff, these are available for you as well but there will be a limited quantity so get em while they’re hot! You can pre order with me to be sure you have one reserved! I’m hoping to have them in hand before the first NICA race.

11 Responses to “Week of August 19th”

  1. Caleb Huggins

    I will not be at practice on Tuesday night. Headed up to Phoenix for a concert.

  2. Reece Culliney

    What color will the shirts be that the design is printed on? Same as the background color of the design?

  3. Benjamin Duncan

    Reece, shirts will be black. Possibly different colors in the future.

  4. Nathaniel

    Sorry but I won’t make it to practice today. I have an orthodontist appointment

  5. Thomas

    Hey y’all! Had an emergency last night, got home round 11. Reece was with us. That why we both not at practice today?