Team, last week was excellent. I hope you all had as much fun as Ben and I did at our various practices. We want to continue to blend hard work, skills, and  fun, with new and varying practices throughout the season.

Ben and I put in a tremendous amount of work every day to keep practices running for you all. We’re often in the clubhouse at 10 or 11 o’clock at night fixing your bikes and getting everything ready for the next day or next week. We put lots of time and thought into WHAT we’re doing, WHY we’re doing it, and how to keep it new and engaging for all of you.

One of the biggest things that you all can do to make our jobs (and your lives!) easier is just be prepared. Have a tube. Have a multitool. Be ready on time. Bring enough water. You know all the things you’re supposed to do/have for practice.

Ben and I are holding up our end of the bargain. The volunteer coaches and your parents are holding up their ends. We need you to take some personal responsibility and hold up yours. The more you can take care of yourselves, the more we can all focus on having fun and riding bikes together. Sound good? Thanks y’all.

Practice Schedule this week is a little different. There are only 3 practices. This is because Ben and I are heading on a small trip to get ourselves ready for NICA season. We also feel that you all could benefit from a lower volume week before building for the first race. You can take the opportunity to either go ride around with your friends and have some unstructured fun, or focus on getting ahead on school work before NICA season starts up.

Tuesday: Endurance MTB ride.

Wednesday: Road Bikes. Intervals. These will be hard but hot dang will they make you guys fast.

Thursday: OFF

Saturday: Same again!! Big Boy Shootouters, shoot out. Leaving 6AM. All others, B/C team rides. Leaving 6:30AM. B&C team ride volunteers, the team will definitely need you this morning because Ben and I won’t be there.

Sunday: OFF

Check out this sweet video of Robert Förstemann power a toaster. There’s a lot of crazy stuff in the vid- the size of the dude, the power, the size of his legs the effort. One cool thing though is watch how he breathes, if you can. No shoulder movement. Just belly/rib cage expanding and contracting. When you ride hard, this is the most effective way to breath. Controlling your breathing and not letting it control you is a major key to athletic success.

4 Responses to “Week of August 26th”

  1. Sawyer

    Not sure if we can get Sawyer to practice on Wednesday. He will be there Saturday

  2. Thomas

    Hey Max, I will not be there on Saturday, family gathering.
    Have a great ride!